How to Make the Most Out of 3D Printing

3d printing has changed the game for many businesses and organisations, regardless of industry. This is the reason why the technology has continued to enjoy a widening reception until today, and why 3d printers are considered to be among the most beneficial equipment in any design or manufacturing facility. And if you’re intending to cash in on the rewards of such an equipment, here are a few key things that you should remember to make the most of the technology.

3d printer

Get proper product training

Harnessing the power of an equipment is only possible if you know which buttons to press – and for that, proper product training is integral. One of the best sources for this is your 3d printer supplier or manufacturer. This is so that you get the information that is critical to your specific brand and model, and learn how you can best use that information to impact your printing projects.

It is also recommended to supplement product training with other additional and relevant nuggets of wisdom. Training videos and articles, for instance, abound on the Internet – and they are for free. These materials will help you learn through the experience of other people, as well as steer clear of the mistakes that some have committed.


Practice, practice, practice

Another important reminder that has proven to be particularly beneficial to 3d printing is practice. Turning out perfect prints cannot happen on the first try; you have to run as many iterations as necessary to get the perfect model, and then test your prints until you get what you desire. Putting in this work will pay off significantly, over time. And you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are putting your machine to good use, when you achieve your intended results.


Employ the right maintenance practices

Maintaining your 3d printer should also be a priority. Your supplier should be able to give you a comprehensive maintenance plan that is suited to your specific equipment, your frequency of use, operating conditions, and other essential factors that play into the performance of the printer.

It is also important to note that if the printer encounters an issue, immediate solutions must be sought and then implemented. Letting a problem sit over long periods of time may only cause it to worsen, enough that it may no longer be fixable. Additionally, any existing damage can affect other functional components and give rise to another form of damage.